Four new movies are hitting the multiplex this weekend; you probably only care about one of them.

Sandra Bullock as astronaut Ryan Stone in "Gravity." (AP/Warner Bros.)

Gravity” (PG-13) “Using an ingenious combination of live action, computer-generated imagery, cutting-edge lighting techniques and 3-D, Cuarón puts viewers into the tumbling, floating, frighteningly un-rooted world of ‘Gravity,’ where Bullock and Clooney convincingly move with both balletic grace and puffy, moon-man awkwardness.”

Herb and Dorothy 50 x 50” (Unrated) “Sasaki’s film makes it clear that the 50x50 project was, for many museums, a game-changer, just as it was for the people who might otherwise never have had the opportunity to see work by Christo and Jeanne-Claude, Martin Johnson, Nam June Paik, Mark Kostabi and other avant-gardists. The film is packed with insights from some of these artists, as well as interviews with Herb and Dorothy that supplement the information in the 2008 film.”

1/2 “Parkland” (PG-13) “…considering Hollywood’s penchant for hype and editorializing, ‘Parkland’ is anything but inevitable. Serious, careful, assiduously uninflected, Landesman’s often fascinating tick-tock stands as the anti-“JFK,” Oliver Stone’s fever dream of a grand unified conspiracy theory. Rather than lead viewers down rabbit holes populated by babushka ladies and umbrella men, ‘Parkland’ simply focuses on the known facts, without speculation and with minimal stylistic embellishment.”

1/2 “Runner Runner” (R) “‘Runner Runner’ is a talky, inert enterprise, composed mostly of Timberlake spouting statistics, percentages and poker jargon while Affleck affects the too-cool air of a cyber-era mob boss too genteel to get his hands really dirty.”