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Six extra weekends of District Flea

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If you still haven't made it over to the District Flea, there's hope yet: You now have an extra six weekends to snag a vintage denim jacket, awesome antique dresser or personal parking meter at the street market founded at Ninth Street and Florida Avenue NW by the organizers of New York's popular Brooklyn Flea. The market, which was to end on Oct. 19, will now continue until Nov. 30.

"The response has just been so positive," says Hugh McIntosh, manager of District Flea. "We figured, let’s just keep going."  The new end date will give flea-goers a chance to do some of their holiday shopping in the market, he added.

Organizers were surprised by how much of a social scene developed around the dozens of vendors who have set up in the 37,000-square-foot lot for the past four weeks. Food vendors -- including Nathan Anda's Frank cart, Room 11's baker Paisley Fig and Chaya's vegetarian taco stand -- did bang-up business, enough that the Flea began to add more seating with vintage chairs from 14th Street shop Miss Pixie's that are also for sale.

"People seem to be coming just for the food," says McIntosh, who also added more vendors, including Hungry Texans, which serves breakfast tacos; Comet Ping-Pong, which baked pizzas in a mobile pizza oven; and Number 1 Sons picklers, which made creations such as kimchi grilled cheese sandwiches just for the Flea.

Also new since the market's launch are dozens more vendors selling antique furniture, vintage clothes, iPad cases and jewelry; McIntosh says the organization is still sifting through applications. After the first District Flea on Sept. 14, he received a flood of new interest, he says.