This is a duck press, an old-fashioned device that's about to make brunch at the Grille at Morrison House in Alexandria a whole lot tastier.

Courtesy of the Grille at Morrison House

Making its debut this Sunday for brunch, the duck press might be the only device of its kind in the area. Developed in the 19th century in Paris, it's a throwback to classic French cooking and technique. How does it work? Anthony Bourdain explains it quite nicely here, but in short: After preparing a roast duck, the chef places the remnants in the press, and screws down slowly on the top handles to apply pressure. All of the juicy goodness is squeezed out to make a rich sauce that is considered to be a delicacy.

The Grille at Morrison House has revamped its entire brunch around the duck press, which will debuting Oct. 13. It's a buffet that features buckwheat crepes with a selection of toppings, eggs any style, country bacon and sausage, truffled wild rice, red bliss potato salad, and of course, crispy roasted duck. The buffet is $38 per person, excluding tax and gratuity. Add bottomless Bellinis for $14.