Sipsmith Sipsmith's first copper still, named Prudence, began distilling gin in 2009. (Photo courtesy of Sipsmith Independent Spirits)

London has been going through a gin renaissance in recent years, with new craft distilleries joining the well-established Beefeater. Chief among them is Sipsmith, a gorgeous, juniper-heavy gin made in small batches -- 400 bottles at a time -- in copper stills in a West London garage. Though the distillery opened in 2009, bottles of its London Dry Gin began arriving in the U.S. market last month -- meaning there's one less thing for me to pick up duty-free at Heathrow.

Sipsmith is in the midst of a PR push to introduce its gin to American drinkers, which is why you'll find distillery co-founder Sam Galsworthy pouring free samples and talking about spirits at Jack Rose tonight from 7 to 9 p.m. In addition to straight gin, Jack Rose will have two special Sipsmith cocktails for $10: Elementary My Dear Watson, with St. Germain, tarragon and lemon; and the Big Ben, with honey, ginger syrup, allspice, vanilla and lemon.