Burgers are hip, says WETA.

Last night, the public broadcaster premiered "Burgers in Washington," its third local food feature, following "Pizza in Washington" and "Breakfast in Washington."

The producers did a fine job hitting a variety of restaurants in the area, including Elevation Burger, Good Stuff Eatery and Palena. They also used just the right amount of footage of Maryland, Virginia and District residents shoving hamburgers into their mouths and close-ups of meat on hot grills.

Building a dreamburger? This is a good place to start. (Frank Ruta/Courtesy of Palena) Palena was featured in last night's 30 minute film. (Frank Ruta/Courtesy of Palena)

Some highlights below:

Chef inspiration: Kudos to the focus on local chefs and their inspiration to flip burgers. Take Timothy Dean, who despite Top Chef fame is just a regular District native and Howard University graduate.

After stints as a chef for various restaurants in Baltimore and running a steak house, Dean opened TD Burger in Largo. Dean showed the cameras the signature spice rub that goes on every patty, but obviously kept the ingredients a secret. Dean recently opened a second TD Burger in NoMa at 250 K St. NE.

Vegetarians get some love, too: Even this documentary about the ‘American classic’ meat patty on a bun didn't let veggie options go unfilmed. It's 2013: Veggies are hip, too, and WETA highlighted Science Club, which has a signature vegan burger we love.

The most overused word: Juicy.

Nobody wants a dry burger, this I know. But I couldn't help but cringe every time I heard the word. Maybe that’s because words like ‘oily’ ‘soaked’ ‘dripping’ and ‘saturated’ come to mind, all of which I don't like to associate with food.

The show will be re-airing on WETA throughout the month, but catch the jazzy preview below. And if you want our picks for the best burgers (a few of our favorites didn't make WETA's list), you'll find them here. For veggie fans, we have you covered too.