This post has been updated.

After  a 16-day government closure and late vote in the House and Senate last night, the government is up and running, which means federal agencies, parks, museums and monuments have started reopening this morning.


• Smithsonian museums — Air and Space, American History, the National Portrait Gallery and more —  have reopened today.

• National Park Service parks and monuments are all open. That includes the National Mall, Rock Creek Park, the Mt. Vernon Trail, the United States Botanic Garden and the National Arboretum.

• The National Gallery of Art reopened today.

• East Potomac, Langston and Rock Creek golf courses have also reopened today.

• The National Holocaust Museum is open and operating on normal business hours.

• The National Archives opened this afternoon.


• The National Zoo will reopen Friday; the zoo's live video feeds, including the Panda cam, are up and running today.