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Five things you can eat guilt-free after the Marine Corps Marathon

Running 26.2 miles Sunday? You're about to burn a whole lot of calories, so it's a perfect time to finally try that indulgent meal you've seen on menus around the D.C. area.

Hill Country's Pitmaster Combo could easily be split with a friend or two, but a lone marathoner could at least make a large dent in a quarter-pound of lean brisket, a pork spare rib, a beef rib, a quarter of a chicken, two sides and a dessert. Why not try the PB&J cupcake?

If you're headed to Virginia after the race, waddle over to Taco Bamba in Falls Church. You need protein after a race, and the Torta Bamba has you covered. It has ham, hot dogs, carne asada, chorizo, chicken and beef milanesa, which is all somehow shoehorned between bread and topped with an enchilada, cheese, pineapple and mayo.

GBD put a fried chicken thigh between a brioche doughnut, and then they added bacon. Its called the Luther, and we tried in back in June. Needless to say, it shouldn't be as difficult to stomach if you're starving after the race.

It wasn't easy to pick one thing from Ted's Bulletin that could satiate your post-run hunger, but try Drew’s Peanut Butter Bacon Burger, which comes with jam on the side for the sugar-inclined. You can also pair it with a PBJ milkshake, or follow up your meal with one of Ted's infamous cinnamon rolls. They are as big as your head, and likely as big as your post-run appetite.

Not a meal (though a calorie bomb nonetheless), but try the Dinosaur doughnut from Nothing But Donuts at Union Station. The massive glazed beast weighs nearly three-quarters of a pound and measures eight inches across. You could always have one for dessert after a different meal. You earned it, marathoner.

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