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How to survive the impending Sriracha shortage

First: EVERYBODY PANIC. Due to an impending shutdown of the Irwindale, Calif. Huy Fong Foods, Inc. plant where Sriracha is produced, your days of dousing eggs, Korean tacos, pho or pretty much anything else in that spicy neon nectar of the gods may be numbered. The Atlantic is already predicting a black market for the rooster sauce, which could see shortages and an exponential price jump.

While the capital-S version of the sauce may soon be in short supply, a handful of area restaurants produce their own versions of the vinegary condiment. It's up to you to decide if they stack up to the bottled version.

"Toki Endorphine Sauce" is Toki Underground's sriracha, available as a ramen add-on for $1.50.

Rosslyn's fast-casual Tom Yum District offers a house-made green sriracha free with any of its build-your-own noodle and rice bowls.

Absolute Noodle in Chinatown boasts a homemade sriracha on its sushi rolls.

At First Down sports bar in Ballston, you can order wings slathered in "CJ's Sriracha" sauce.

If all else fails: You can make your own sriracha, too.