The city is teeming with coffee shops, but look past the variations in baked goods, seating and WiFi policies, and you'll find that what's in your cup really doesn't vary much. Most of the city's coffee shops use the same few roasters: Counter Culture. Ceremony.  Stumptown. Intelligentsia.

Over the past week, 15th Street NW coffee shop Bean & Bite has unveiled a welcome addition: It's the first District shop to brew Oakland's (and now Brooklyn's) buzzy Blue Bottle Coffee, and to mark the occasion, customers this week can get a 12-ounce cup of Blue Bottle coffee for a mere buck.

Get a coffee for a buck all week at Bean & Bite. (Photo by Astrid Riecken for The Washington Post)

Blue Bottle has seen its profile rise in recent years, thanks to the coffee proselytizing of its bespectacled founder, James Freeman, who brought his boutique roaster to the East Coast in 2011. In accordance with the Blue Bottle philosophy, Bean & Bite sources its beans from the roaster's Brooklyn operation, allowing it to serve the coffees and sell them by the bag within 24 hours of roasting.

The shop is also using the occasion to roll out pour-over coffees, and a pour-over of Blue Bottle will also cost $1 through Friday. Currently, the shop is offering two varieties: the single-origin Chiapas Triunfo and the Three Africans blend. After the promotion, you can get a cup for $1.95 or $2.25 for a large. Pour-overs will be a dollar more.