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Today in tacos: TaKorean goes to Yards Park; Impala Cantina tests ‘Impalocas’

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Two newsworthy items for local taco connoisseurs:

First up, the popular food truck TaKorean is following in the footsteps of its food truck brethren and opening a bricks-and-mortar space in the new Twelve12 complex at the Yards.  Get your kimchi tacos there in summer 2014, when the 1,700-square-foot shop is expected to open. (The development will be complete in the spring).

Next: Impala Cantina (formerly Tacos Impala) will be undergoing its final inspection soon and plans to open its takeout window ASAP, according to partner Troy Hickman. The restaurant has been testing menu items on Saturday late-nights in its courtyard; lengua, pork and veggie tacos were two for $5 last weekend, and a bacon-wrapped hot dog with beans and pico de gallo was $5. One menu item Hickman says has been a big hit are the "Impalocas" -- a bag of Fritos or Doritos mixed with beans, cheese, salsa, meat and veggies.