Power Moves (HarperCollins Publishers)

One of my favorite feeds to read on Twitter is @DadBoner, which purports to document the thoughts of Karl Welzein, a sadsack Michigan dad with rock star-sized delusions of grandeur. Reading his daily updates, told in a steady stream of minute-by-minute tweets, is like watching a car crash in slow motion. It's impossible look away from the tales of booze, gross-out potty humor and harebrained schemes gone wrong.

Mike Burns, the comedian who invented @DadBoner, visits the Black Cat tonight to perform some stand-up comedy and read from the new @DadBoner book, "Power Moves: Livin' The American Dream, USA Style." Members of the Black Cat's staff are huge fans of @DadBoner, so we asked bartender Chad America to explain Karl Welzein's appeal in his own words:

I first discovered Dadboner back in December 2010 through a tweet from comedian Matt Dwyer.


I happened to be in the car coming home from a road trip, so I had hours to go back and read through the entire feed up to that time. What made Dadboner (aka Karl Welzein) so entertaining, especially when I first discovered it, was how much Karl believed he was truly an awesome guy while his life was falling apart around him. No matter how bad things get, Karl was quick to remind himself and his followers that it was never his fault. He's a sort of self destructive anti-hero. The kind of person whose antics are humorous and entertaining yet also horrifying. He's probably the worst father or husband or friend someone could have, even though he's convinced he's the best. And still you're always rooting for him to succeed.

As for favorite tweets I think it would be wise to start with the very first one. It makes clear what Karl is all about.

Eventually Karl moves in with his pal Dave. It's pretty much a constant party with these guys but occasionally things get out of hand.



Throughout all of the turmoil, Karl remains an optimist. He's a man with dreams. Such as opening his own restaurant. He even came up with a list of rules for Captain Karl's Pizza Ship.




@DadBoner creator Mike Burns performs at the Black Cat with Matt Braunger, Brooks Wheelan and Noel Manzullo at 8 p.m.