Hill Country A non-winning ticket at last month's Hill Country bingo game. (Photo by Fritz Hahn/The Washington Post)

When bars host bingo, they tend to do it one of two ways: Either games are hosted by drag queens and packed with innuendo (Freddie's Beach Bar, Mellow Mushroom) or very boozy and packed with bad jokes (Kangaroo Boxing Club). Not at Hill Country Barbecue: Their monthly bingo game is one your grandmother would recognize – and probably win.

The next installment takes place this Sunday in the restaurant's basement Boot Bar. Six games will be played between 1:30 and 3:30 p.m. You've probably played all the variations before on a family trip or in a church basement: Cover the right squares on your card to form an X or a plus sign. Be the first to cover all four corners. Make a "picture frame" by blacking out the edges of the card. The last game of the day is the hardest: Coverall, which means you need to mark off every number on your card.

Prizes for winners range from Hill Country ballcaps to a gift certificate for dinner for two.

Between games, you can answer trivia questions ("What's the name of Shiner's seasonal beer, which is on tap right now?") for koozies and other tchotchkes.

There's a $10 food and drink minimum per player, which includes 10 bingo cards. The bar provides recycled bottle caps to use as markers. Don't forget to take advantage of the bar's football happy hour, which includes $3 PBR cans, $5 margaritas and $10 taco plates.