Jalpeno poppers The Tune Inn's classic jalapeño poppers come with house marinara sauce for dipping. (Fritz Hahn/The Washington Post)

Consider the humble jalapeño popper. It doesn't inspire the devotion and debate that surrounds discussion of chicken wings. It's never a trendy bar snack, like deviled eggs or poutine. But there is a time, usually when you've had a few beers and you're staring at Monday Night Football in a bar, when you want nothing more than deep-fried hot peppers stuffed with cheese.

I've been thinking about jalapeño poppers since yesterday, when Tommy Hunter of the Flying Dog brewery asked a simple question on Twitter: "Are there any places in DC that have jalapeño poppers?"

I'm a fan of the basic version at Tune Inn. While they're nothing fancy, they get everything right: The initial crunch of the shell gives way to the heat of the pepper, which is followed by a rush of liquified cheese to balance the palate.

After retweeting Tommy's query, a few people offered a variety of suggestions for the area's best poppers:


So now we're asking you: Where do you go for the area's best jalapeño poppers?