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Capriotti’s opens to fanfare, and a visit from Biden

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This guy loves it:

And so do we. Capriotti's, a Delaware beach-favorite sub shop, opened its first District storefront today to great fanfare -- not just a vice-presidential appearance, but also the Nats' racing presidents, a free sandwich giveaway and dozens of balloons. Fans lined up down the street.

These sandwiches live up to the hype: Fritz, a longtime Capriotti's fan, moaned with pleasure when took his first bite. I've never tried a Capriotti's sandwich, so I don't have the same sentimental attachment to the brand, and was prepared to be cynical, especially after waiting in a long line.

But yeah, okay, everyone was right: These are awesome. We tried the Capstrami ($7.99 for a small), a hot pastrami/swiss sandwich with cole slaw and drippy Russian dressing; and the Bobbie ($7.49), the famous Thanksgiving turkey, cranberry sauce and stuffing sandwich. But our favorite was the cheesesteak ($7.99), with mushrooms added for 50 cents. It's greasy, and it will probably make you smell like a sandwich for the rest of your day, but you won't even care.

Capriotti's, 1800 M St. NW (Metro: Farragut North). 202-429-2277.

Sandwich porn, below:

Correction: A previous version of this post misspelled "Bobbie."