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Jeff Black’s Republic to open Sunday in Takoma Park

Jeff Black's Republic, which pays homage to the eccentricity of the neighborhood known to residents as "The People's Republic of Takoma Park," opens Sunday. True to Jeff Black's other restaurants, the menu will have a strong focus on seafood, but many of the menu items are being built to accommodate vegans and vegetarians.

The restaurant will also feature a strong coffee program, and a partnership with Ceremony will provide custom blends for the restaurant. Here's a preview from bar manager Brett Robison of three cocktails that will be on the opening menu:

• The Fascist Killer: Bulleit Bourbon, Averno Amaro, Green Chartreuse, basil and lemon
• The Localist: Green Hat Gin, lemon juice, BeeGeorge honey syrup and an orange flame
• Sammie Abbott: Cognac, Suze, sugar, bitters, Pernod and lemon

We'll update this post with more information about the menu once it becomes available.

Republic, which occupies the former Video Americain space, is the newest addition to the Black Restaurant Group, which also includes Black's, BlackSalt and Pearl Dive. It will be one of only a few places in the neighborhood to hear live music.

"Takoma Park misses having that in the community," said partner Danny Wells, in October. The music program will be arranged through a partnership with the nearby House of Musical Traditions.

As for the decor: "It's offbeat and eclectic and our design intent follows that vein," said Wells. The zinc bar will seat 14. In the dining room, several vintage Victorian couches have been combined to create a long banquette with seating for 60. One bathroom pays homage to Johnny Cash, while another features wall art made from reclaimed hand mirrors. On the patio, which won't open until the spring, the owners have preserved a piece of neighborhood nostalgia: the old Video Americain sign.

Republic, 6939 Laurel Ave., Takoma Park.