Vegetarians and vegans may want to hit the back button on their browser right now. This was the scene at a preview of Urban Butcher, the newest haunt for Silver Spring carnivores, opening Thursday, Dec. 12.

A suckling pig in a glass display case at Urban Butcher in Silver Spring (Maura Judkis/for The Post)

Urban Butcher is a Ron Swanson-esque celebration of meat, though Swanson would probably find the overstuffed chairs and the presence of arugula on the menu to be a bit too precious. One marvels at the sheer variety of animal products on chef Raynold Mendizabal's menu: Crispy pig tails! Lamb saddle! Steak tartare, ox brisket and Chinese barbecued pork ribs! Plus the smoked chicken, the ceviche, the ham croquettes and the duck confit. The list goes on. Everything is butchered in house and, in many cases, cured in the restaurant's aging room, in view of the bar. Some of the restaurant's more well-aged offerings, like a selection of hams, won't be ready until the summer. The restaurant is also a butcher shop, so any of the cuts of meat at the counter can be purchased by home cooks.

As you might infer, suckling pig is big at the snout-to-tail restaurant. In fact, the restaurant will serve suckling pig nightly at 8 p.m. Patrons can pass the time with a glass of wine at the industrial-chic restaurant's handsome bar, and dismiss the unsettling feeling that this pig's eye is following them around the room.

If you're the good-natured vegetarian friend who gets caught in a group making an expedition to the restaurant, your options include ratatouille, grilled Brussels sprouts, broccoli rabe, potatoes and creamy polenta (but not the baked beans -- they contain bacon). Godspeed.

Urban Butcher, 8226 Georgia Ave., Silver Spring. 301-585-5800.

Check out the menus below:

Urban Butcher Dinner Menu

Urban Butcher Beverage Menu