The newish Fainting Goat on U Street is part of a small menagerie of animal-named restaurants in the D.C. area (The Pig, Lost Dog, Rhino Bar, Elephant Jumps, etc.) and its namesake inspires several dishes on the small menu. Goat meat, widely consumed around the world but still gaining traction in the U.S., has gotten cool among foodie circles in 2013, and while the Fainting Goat doesn't dedicate its menu to the animal the same way the Pig does with pork, it's definitely on-trend.


There are two ways to sample the goaty goodness on the Fainting Goat's menu so far:

Appetizer: Goat Ricotta, $8. It's served as crostini, with the ricotta spread thick on four pieces of bread, and topped with rapini and lemon.
Goatiness score: 6/10

Entree: Goat with turnips, carrots and red wine, $20. It's a tender goat pot roast with a rich gravy; a bit on the salty side.
Goatiness score: 10/10

Drink: The menu's "Goat Cocktails" include a kumquat old-fashioned, a gin-and-Lillet Blanc Aix-en-Provence, and a Purple Lady, with gin and blackberry liqueur. They do not contain any goat.
Goatiness score: 0/10

The Fainting Goat, 1330 U St. NW. Closed Mondays.