Sunday marks 12 years since the death of Joe Strummer, the greatest singer in the history of punk rock. The Clash frontman is remembered every December on the anniversary of his passing, a day known as Joe Strummer Day. The international celebration is observed by fans lucky enough to see the man in concert as well as those who recently picked up "London Calling."

Punk rock great Joe Strummer of The Clash died of a heart attack on Sunday, Dec. 22, 2002. (File photo by Josh Cheuse, courtesy of Epic Records)

Three local bars will honor Strummer's legacy on Saturday night. The Pug, which regularly blasts the Clash and Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros as part of its soundtrack, plans to pour beer-and-a-shot specials in Stummer's memory and donate 10 percent of all sales to Jail Guitar Doors, an organization that sends musical instruments to prisons to provide a means of rehabilitation for non-violent offenders. (Jail Guitar Doors takes its name from a 1978 Clash song, and was established by Strummer's friend Billy Bragg.)

At Mockingbird Hill, the ham-and-sherry bar named for a line from the Clash's "Spanish Bombs," there will be a special mural in Strummer's honor. Both Mockingbird Hill and its sister bar the Passenger will play songs from Stummer's discography all night, including the 101'ers, his solo work from the "Sid and Nancy" soundtrack and, if you're lucky, Latino Rockabilly War. Owner Derek Brown created a Joe Strummer Cocktail in the singer's honor, containing Scotch, ginger beer, lemon peel and a dash of absinthe. It will be sold at both locations all night.

If you don't get enough Strummer on Saturday, head to the Pug on Sunday – the actual Joe Strummer Day – for even more of his music.

A Joe Strummer mural has been added to the wall at Mockingbird Hill in honor of Joe Strummer Day. (Instagram photo by Fritz Hahn)