January 31: Cool Disco Donut becomes Zeke’s DC Donutz less than 24 hours before opening following outcry from artists concerned that owner Aaron Gordon was profiting on the name of former graffiti star Cool “Disco” Dan.

April 2: GBD opens in Dupont Circle.

April 8: Astro Doughnuts & Fried Chicken opens downtown.

April 25: Bean & Bite debuts the doughmuffin, a doughnut-muffin hybrid. 

May: The Cronut craze begins in New York. The term is quickly trademarked by the Dominique Ansel bakery.

May 21: Zeke’s DC Donutz closes after neighbors complain about fried dough fumes.

June 4: D.C. gets its first Cronut knockoff: Chocolate Crust’s “doissant.” It tastes like funnel cake.

June 7. For National Doughnut Day, we tried three D.C. doughnut sandwiches so you didn't have to

June 25: After a 13-week taste-testing competition, Astro’s creme brulee doughnut is named the best doughnut in the area.

Aug. 7: Astro Doughnuts unveils doughnut ice cream sandwiches.

Aug. 19: Ted’s Bulletin opens a second location on 14th Street, featuring -- you guessed it -- doughnuts.

Nov. 18: Pastry chef Jason Gehring leaves Astro Doughnuts & Fried Chicken for Table and its soon-to-open sister, restaurant, Menu.

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