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Curious coffee drinker? This (dis)loyalty card is for you.

Our wallets are already stuffed to the point of spontaneous explosion with loyalty cards: Buy nine oil changes, bagels, coffees, burritos, you name it, and if you're doing it right, you might just get the 10th free.  Now here's a chance to reward your wandering eye: the D.C. Disloyalty Card, for curious coffee drinkers.

Here's how it works: Buy a coffee from each of six participating local shops and your seventh is free at whichever location you decide to go back to. Given the city's thriving coffee culture, it's an incentive to try the new roasts across town, even if you're perfectly content with your weekday regular.

"The card is a fun way to get baristas and customers talking with each other," said Dawn Shanks, a Peregrine Espresso barista who devised the program with coworker Christy Pelton. The duo reached out to and enlisted five other locally owned coffee shops for the program's first go-round. "It also reflects the connection all the individual shops have with one another -- the coffee community is a supportive and close-knit group," Shanks said.

Here's the list of coffee shops where your disloyalty can be rewarded.

Peregrine Espresso

Blind Dog Cafe

La Mano

Filter Coffeehouse

The Coffee Bar

Chinatown Coffee Co.