No booze. (Deb Lindsey/For The Washington Post)

Friday's Weekend section chronicles my annual multi-week hiatus from alcohol and examines the ways you can still go out and have fun without consuming a drop of booze. I recommend cultural happy hours and bars that present creative, delicious alternatives to the usual cocktails.

Some of my favorite alcohol-free beverages are made by Jon Harris, the head bartender at Firefly in Dupont Circle. His skill is making what I call trompe l’oeil cocktails: non-alcoholic drinks that look and taste remarkably similar to their boozy counterparts. We brought him to the Washington Post newsroom last week and he gave us a lesson in making three of his menu's booze-free highlights: a Cosmopolitan, an Old Fashioned and a gin and tonic, using creative ingredients in place of gin, whiskey and triple sec.

The 'Gin and Tonic'

The 'Old Fashioned'

The 'Cosmopolitan'