In this week's new releases, Vanessa Hudgens delivers a breakout performance in "Gimme Shelter," while the late Paul Walker makes one of his final film appearances in “Hours.”

Apple (Vanessa Hudgens) decides to keep her baby rather than have an abortion, against her father’s wishes, in “Gimme Shelter.” (Roadside Attractions)

1/2 “Gimme Shelter” (PG-13) “It’s more than a matter of adopting fake facial piercings, matted hair, a spotty complexion, a Noo Yawk accent and a bad attitude, all of which Hudgens does with great conviction. That’s nothing that a host of other glamorous actresses seeking artistic street cred haven’t also done. Hudgens, however, makes the most of her physical transformation, down to her character’s shuffling, boyishly belligerent walk.” – Michael O’Sullivan

Hours” (PG-13) “Sure, the setup is kind of gimmicky. The ventilator’s balky battery will only hold a charge for a few minutes, which means that Nolan must constantly rush back and forth between his infant’s side and whatever mission he’s on: tracking down more saline, flagging down help, trying to fire up the ignition of an ambulance with a flooded engine. The fact that the character also has to provide a running commentary on the action is also a bit annoying, especially when the similarly themed ‘All Is Lost’ proved that a spoken monologue under emergency circumstances is not just unrealistic, but dramatically unnecessary. Still, the gimmick works, thanks to Walker’s surprising ability to explore — and to reveal — his character’s interior life.” – Michael O’Sullivan