(Courtesy CaliBurger) (Courtesy CaliBurger)

If you love the cool California burger joint In-N-Out Burger, well, sorry, D.C.'s not getting one of those anytime soon. But you'll get the next best thing, we guess? A company called CaliBurger, which was sued by In-N-Out over a trademark dispute, plans to open its first stateside location in D.C. by the end of the year. A rep for the company says they have not yet finalized the location.

According to the L.A. Times, the burger joint's menu and color scheme are based directly on In-N-Out, but with different names to avoid litigation. So fans of "Animal Style" fries at In-N-Out will go for CaliBurger's "Wild Style" fries instead. Other menu items include their take on a Double-Double, as well as chicken salads and sandwiches, wings and onion rings and boozy milkshakes. And yes, it has a secret menu.

Copycat or not, one A Hamburger Today critic said CaliBurger's offerings were "very close to being the perfect homage" to In-N-Out. Maybe homesick Californians will set their brand loyalty aside?

Most of CaliBurger's current restaurant locations are in China, and D.C. is part of an expansion that will also include Stockholm, Dubai, the Philippines, London, and -- bold move, guys -- L.A.