Rhino Bar is best known for cheap drinks and big TVs, but on Sunday, the Georgetown sports bar will memorialize actor Philip Seymour Hoffman with a movie marathon.

Philip Seymour Hoffman in "Capote," which will screen at Rhino Bar on Sunday. (AP Photo/Attila Doroy, Sony Pictures Classics)

Starting at 11 a.m., avowed Hoffman fan and bartender Nick Bernel will be screening a selection of the Oscar winner's movies. He expects to have a schedule finalized later this week, but he's already amassed quite a selection: "Almost Famous," "The Big Lebowski," "Along Came Polly," "Charlie Wilson's War," "Doubt," "Capote" and "Twister." Stay tuned Thursday or Friday for the full list.

Update: The full schedule has been announced.

11:30-Noon: A Philip Seymour Hoffman Highlight Reel (It contains clips from a number of movies that aren't listed below)

Noon-1:30: "Charlie Wilson's War"

1:30-3:30: "The Savages" or "The Master" (crowd choice)

3:30-4: PSH Hightlight Reel, Take II

4-6: "Capote"

6-8: "Before the Devil Knows You're Dead" or "Pirate Radio" (crowd choice)

8-8:30: PSH Highlight Reel, Take III

Rhino Bar, 3295 M St. NW. 202-333-3150.