French toast has been a longtime breakfast staple of the Sunday Funday crowd, but brunch isn't the only time you can find egg-battered toast on a menu. We've seen it on dinner and dessert menus lately, too. In fact, one intrepid eater could construct a three-course meal out of nothing but French toast. The itinerary for your French toast crawl is as follows:

Foie gras French toast at City Tap House (Maura Judklis/for The Post) Foie gras French toast at City Tap House (Maura Judklis/for The Post)

Appetizer: Start at City Tap House, where you'll find a luxe version of the dish as an appetizer: velvety seared foie gras and a crispy slice of French toast atop a roasted apple, drizzled with a port gastrique.

Entree: Head to one of the city's breakfast-all-day diners for a no-frills French toast. The Coupe, American City Diner, and Ted's Bulletin are among the places you can get your morning meal at any hour. At Ted's, it's served with two eggs; at the Coupe, it's made from challah and served with an apple compote.

Dessert: Foie and French toast get back together at Rose's Luxury, where they're accompanied by cinnamon ice cream. "Yes, it sounds fussy, but have faith, foodies, it's really not," our Lavanya Ramanathan wrote before Rose's opening.

If you'd prefer to eat your French toast at the normal time, we've got you covered here and here.