Taps at the Gordon Biersch brewpub near the Navy Yard. (Fritz Hahn/The Washington Post)

Everyone grouses about the cost of beer in Washington, but for the next few days, there’s nothing to complain about. Through Thursday, Gordon Biersch brewpubs are offering house-made beers for $2.50 per glass, while branches of the Rock Bottom brewpub chain are selling their house beers for $3.

The timing is no coincidence: The two chains merged back in 2010 to become Craftworks Restaurants and Breweries, though each keeps its own look, feel and brewers. Gordon Biersch has five area locations, in Annapolis, Rockville and Tysons as well as two in Washington, while Rock Bottom has outposts in Ballston and Bethesda. Personally, I’m partial to the award-winning brews created by Geoff Lively at Bethesda’s Rock Bottom, and lagers crafted by Travis Tedrow at the Gordon Biersch by the Navy Yard.

While neither Gordon Biersch or Rock Bottom is turning out the innovative, on-trend styles of beer that you'll find at the Right Proper Brewing Company and Bluejacket, both offer solid ales and lagers, especially for $3 per glass or less.