Walker "Tre" Johnson spent much of last August driving around his hometown, wondering where everything was going.

Uncalled 4 Band, the beloved go-go group he co-founded on Otis Place NW as a teenager, had split up two summers back, but he and other members of UCB soldiered on as the backing troupe for D.C. rap star Wale. They'd seen the world, but back home, UCB's "Sexy Lady" still stood as one of the most recognizable go-go anthems ever recorded to a P.A. tape. So now what? Go solo? Get the band back together? Stay the course or mix it up?

He's decided to reunite with UCB -- for one night, at least. On Thursday, Uncalled 4 Band announced that it will play a reunion gig at the Howard Theatre on April 4, promising appearances from nearly all of the members that cycled in and out of the band over the years, plus a few guest cameos, too.

So start warming up your voice for a "Sexy Lady" sing-along today. Tickets go on sale Friday at noon.