Megan Parisi, we hardly knew you.

Hired two years ago as head brewer for Bluejacket Brewery, Parisi parted ways with the Navy Yard operation less than three months after it opened in October. At the time, she thought she might stay in Washington and remain part of its increasingly vibrant brewing scene.

Megan Parisi will soon be head brewer at Wormtown Brewery in Worcester, Ma. (Photo courtesy Megan Parisi)

But today she told The Post she has accepted a job at Wormtown Brewery in Worcester, Mass., not far from Cambridge Brewing Co., where Parisi was once lead brewer. She hopes to begin her new gig in June, but the start date will depend on when Wormtown installs the new brewery equipment in its forthcoming 10,000-square-foot facility.

"I'm pretty much going back home," says Parisi, a Philadelphia native who has spent much of her life in the Boston area.

Parisi says she talked to breweries in the D.C. market but opted for the 4-year-old Wormtown, in part because of its proven track record.

"It was just the best fit for me," Parisi says. "Their plans for their growth for the future are really well thought out. . . Their whole business approach and projections are just very sound. There's not a whole lot of risk in getting involved."

Plus, she added, she feels an affinity for Wormtown brewmaster Ben Roesch. "We have always had a lot of respect for one another and also know that we are essentially cut from the same cloth, in brewery terms," she noted.

As she takes leave from the D.C. market, Parisi hopes "people will remember me as someone who was part of this exciting growth period," she says. "A lot of great folks are trying to spread the gospel of great beer — and not just good beer. I hope I was just a part of that."

She was proud of Bluejacket's approximately 20 collaborative beers, including those with regional brewers such as Mad Fox, DC Brau , Dogfish Head and the Brewer's Art in Baltimore, among others.