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New 14th Street Trader Joe’s has murals of U Street landmarks

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14th Street finally got its Trader Joe's, which opened today in the new Louis development near 14th and U streets NW. As a U Street resident, it's not an exaggeration to say this TJ's is LIFE-CHANGING. No longer will locals have to trek to Foggy Bottom to wait in line with the pre-adults supplementing their GW meal plans with Two-Buck Chuck and white bean hummus.

The new supermarket pays homage to its location, too, with murals of the neighborhood's sights, sounds and history. They're pretty funny!

This neighborhood scene greets you in the shopping cart pick-up area. Super well-dressed men, hipsters, bicyclists, older residents: Trader Joe's has pretty much nailed it.

The Lincoln Theatre is above the coffee creamer.

The Howard Theatre is above the kefir.

Bohemian Caverns is above the goat milk, coconut milk and something called "Dairy Ease."

Ben's Chili Bowl is above the individual-serving yogurts.

Here's Duke Ellington, in a classy spot above the expensive-for-Trader-Joe's (meaning, above $10) wines.

And imitation Globe go-go posters, above the apples and Clif bars.

And finally, this party at the bus stop in front of the Reeves Center. Looks like it's based on photos taken the night President Obama was first elected in 2008.