Welcome to the Elite 8 of Monument Madness, The Washington Post's challenge to see which of the region's monuments stands above the rest. Here's a look back at what happened in a very unpredictable Round of 16.

(1) Washington Monument 1185, (5) Ulysses S. Grant Memorial 248.
(2) Lincoln Memorial 1176, (3) Theodore Roosevelt Memorial 274.
(1) U.S. Marine Corps War Memorial 1100, (4) Joan of Arc statue 391.
(6) National Seabee Memorial 1007, (7) Nelson Mandela statue 870.
(4) Jim Henson and Kermit statue 799, (1) Albert Einstein Memorial 778.
(7) Dante Alighieri statue 746, (3) Kunta Kinte-Alex Haley Memorial 609.
(1) Second Division Memorial 796, (4) Maine Lobsterman Memorial 593.
(7) National Fire Dog Monument 960, (6) Roscoe the Rooster statue 730.

Jim Henson and Kermit pulled off the big shock of the Sweet 16, upsetting top-seeded Albert Einstein by a margin of just 21 votes. The most popular matchup saw more than 1,800 combined votes in a showdown between the National Seabee Memorial and the Nelson Mandela statue, with the slight-underdog Seabee advancing to the Elite 8. And despite still sporting a bulky piece of scaffolding, the Washington Monument proved insurmountable in its matchup with Ulysses S. Grant on horseback. 

Voting for this Elite 8 round's matchups has closed. This post has been updated with the final tallies. Go vote now for the Final Four matchups.


Presidents and Founding Fathers Regional Championship:

(1) Washington Monument vs. (2) Lincoln Memorial

Despite a lingering injury, Washington stood tall in the Sweet 16 vs. Ulysses S. Grant, while Lincoln didn't even need to stand up in order to cruise past Teddy. (You know what they say about old habits.) With reports that the obelisk is nearing full health, many pundits will be quick to label the Washington Monument as the favorite here, but don't count out No. 16 just yet.

(Photos: left, Richard A. Lipski/The Washington Post; Jonathan Newton/The Washington Post)

War and Peace Regional Championship:

(1) U.S. Marine Corps Memorial vs. (6) National Seabee Memorial

The five Marines and one Navy hospital corpsman of the U.S. Marine Corps Memorial used their numerical advantage to advance past Joan of Arc. Will the sixth-seeded member of the Navy's Construction Battalion be similarly overwhelmed? Don't count on it: The Navy's Seabees have built victories (and air strips, causeways and nuclear reactors) out of worse situations.

(Photos: left, Richard A. Lipski/The Washington Post; Astrid Riecken for The Washington Post)

Arts and Sciences Regional Championship:

(4) Jim Henson and Kermit the Frog statue vs. (7) Dante Alighieri statue

If you can outsmart Albert Einstein, as Henson and Kermit did in the Sweet 16, anything is possible. But despite being the higher seed, it's difficult to call the Stockton-and-Malone of Monument Madness favorites against a stern opponent who has been to hell and back.

(Photos: left, John T. Consoli; John Kelly/The Washington Post)

What the Heck Is That? Regional Championship: 

(1) Second Division Memorial vs. (7) National Fire Dog Monument

On paper and to the eye, this looks to be the most lopsided matchup of the Elite 8. But the Fire Dog is the opponent the top-seeded golden flaming sword was desperate to avoid. If anyone can extinguish the Second Division Memorial's championship aspirations, it's this model of K-9 agent Sadie, 2011's Law Enforcement/Arson Dog of the Year.

(Photos by Fritz Hahn/The Washington Post)