The final round of Monument Madness saw more than 9,000 votes cast between the National Seabee Memorial and the National Fire Dog Monument, as two extremely passionate fanbases pushed hard for their side. And after five rounds of this inaugural contest, with more than 27,000 total votes cast, we have a champion:

(Fritz Hahn/The Washington Post)
(Fritz Hahn/The Washington Post)

Winner: National Fire Dog Monument

Here's the original scouting report:

Fighting for truth, justice and lower insurance premiums, this detailed statue of a firefighter and his crime-solving black Lab combines a youthful vigor with the experience of working on hundreds of cases together. Don’t be fooled by her cuddly appearance: This dog is always sniffing out danger and finding a way to win.
Age: Dedicated 2013
Home: Fifth and F streets NW
Sculptor: Austin Weishel
Key stat: K-9 agent Sadie, who served as a model for the statue, was named the 2011 Law Enforcement/Arson Dog of the Year.

Things didn't look good for Sadie early on, as the Seabees held a 600-vote lead with seven hours left in the championship round; a Seabee champagne celebration seemed like an inevitability. But votes kept pouring in for both sides, and after 13 hours, Sadie turned the deficit around to claim the title.

Even in defeat, the Seabee's 4,201 votes represented the second-highest tally of the entire tournament, which speaks to the tremendous passion for both contestants. It was a championship round worthy of two elite competitors, who will have plenty to look forward to in next year's tournament.

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The final tally, as of April 1 at midnight: