Gone are the frozen crinkle-cuts: the Dupont and Gallery Place Shake Shacks debuted new fresh-cut Idaho Russet fries this week. According to a very emphatic Shake Shack release, they are "HAND-CUT, NEVER FROZEN, TWICE-COOKED, SKIN-ON." (Caps lock is theirs).

Shake Shack's new fries, next to two Shackburgers. (Maura Judkis/The Post)

So how do the new fries taste? Maybe they're still perfecting the recipe -- mine were oversalted -- but I liked the old ones better. The crinkle-cuts, while frozen, were distinctive. They were thick and pillowy soft. Best of all, the shape inspired giddy childhood nostalgia for those rare nights when your mom would let you have junk food for dinner. But you've grown up, and so has Shake Shack.