Because cupcakes are soooooo basic, the culinary world has moved on. Are muffins the new big thing? The Uprising Muffin Company, which opened two weeks ago in Shaw, sure hopes so.

Despite the rebellious name, these muffins hew pretty closely to their humble form, which is a good thing. They are not muffins that are trying to be doughnuts, a disturbing trend in breakfast foods that must be stopped. Also, they're actually breakfast-sized, so when your blood sugar spikes and crashes later on, your landing will be softer than it would be with, say, an enormous creme brulee doughnut.

Besides, muffins allow you the smug superiority of eating something that sounds as if it could be healthy, even though it might have chocolate in it. We liked the cranberry-orange.

The muffins, $3 each, have a regular menu and several daily specials -- i.e. Tuesday and Friday are Snickerdoodle days -- and savory muffins are available in the mornings while supplies last. Uprising also sells pre-packaged sandwiches and salads for the lunchtime crowd. Morning radio listeners might be interested in the cafe's proprietor: Donnie Simpson Jr., son of the famous radio host.

The brew: Ceremony Roasters. The seats: comfortably shabby. The WiFi: free. Freelancers and students are going to make themselves at home here.

Uprising Muffin Company, 1817 7th St NW. 202-290-1196. (Metro: Shaw-Howard University)