In this week’s new releases, "The Other Woman" rides on too many cliches and a generic storyline; Kristen Wiig stars as a nanny in her first dramatic role in "Hateship Loveship."

Johanna (Kristen Wiig) finds work caring for the daughter of Ken (Guy Pearce) in “Hateship Loveship.” (Patti Perret)

1/2 “The Other Woman” (PG-13) “While it’s true that most of the movie’s weaknesses start with the script, the enterprise is made all the more wobbly by Nick Cassavetes’s unsure direction: The man who made such assured films as ‘She’s So Lovely,’ ‘Alpha Dog’ and ‘The Notebook’ here veers way out of his element, awkwardly navigating the film’s physical comedy and never quite selling the empowerment that’s supposedly at its core.” – Ann Hornaday

Hateship Loveship” (R) “Observing the family’s fractured dynamics with a slightly glazed but hungrily avid stare, Johanna begins to be drawn in. The question in ‘Hateship Loveship’ is to what end, and Johnson — who made a superb debut in 2011 with ‘Return’ — does an estimable job of doling out information and plot developments so deliberately that the audience is never quite sure what’s around the next corner.” – Ann Hornaday

Finding Vivian Maier” (Unrated) “One of the great strengths of ‘Finding Vivian Maier’ is the filmmakers’ willingness to gently thread ethical inquiry in and out of the film, whether those questions have to do with class (few of the privileged kids Maier took care of ever thought to ask her about her life) or her own behavior with them and the people she photographed.” – Ann Hornaday

Dancing in Jaffa” (Unrated) “After decades of bloodshed, it’s hard to imagine what can bridge the divide between Israeli Jews and Palestinians. But Pierre Dulaine has an idea: dance. The four-time world champion ballroom dancer thinks his art form can transform long-held prejudices, turning wallflowers into confident teens in the process. Hilla Medalia’s documentary ‘Dancing in Jaffa’ follows along as he tries to reach his lofty goals.” – Stephanie Merry

Walking With the Enemy” (Unrated) “Some true stories are so dramatic, it doesn’t take much to transform them into movies. That’s the case with the exploits of Pinchas Tibor Rosenbaum. A Jewish man living in Budapest during World War II, he dressed as an officer of the Arrow Cross — the country’s fascist pro-Nazi group — to get information and save thousands of lives. And yet Mark Schmidt’s directorial debut, ‘Walking With the Enemy,’ applies a heavy dose of melodrama to this retelling of Rosenbaum’s story, piling on the schmaltz and taking unnecessary liberties with the facts.” – Stephanie Merry

1/2 “Brick Mansions” (PG-13) “Is ‘Brick Mansions’ a complete waste of time? Maybe not, if you have nothing to compare it to. Instead, though, I’d recommend renting ‘District B13’ and calling it a day. To paraphrase the old song: How you gonna keep ’em down in Detroit, after they’ve seen Paree?” – Michael O'Sullivan