GCDC's lunchtime menu of grilled cheese sandwiches transitions to a more grown-up selection of cheese and charcuterie at night. But one remnant of the playful daytime menu sticks around through the night, thank goodness: tater tots. Unsurprisingly, they're served with cheese.

Canadian-style tater tot poutine at GCDC (Maura Judkis/for The Post)

The restaurant uses tater tots for the base of two poutines, each $10: The Canadian (melted cheese curds, bacon, house mushroom gravy) and the nacho-like American (cheddar sauce, bacon, jalapeños, onions, GCDC spicy sauce). We went for the Canadian, which oozes with melted cheese and peppery gravy. There's more than enough to split with friends.

Poutine purists and Canadians, we're guessing, will not approve. But they may have a point, eh? The tater tots, while served crispy, won't stay that way: Unlike regular fries, absorbent tots have more difficulty withstanding the gravy, and the ones on the bottom may turn to mush. No matter -- we predict that you'll lap it up, anyway.

GCDC, 1730 Pennsylvania Ave. NW. 202-393-4232.