Toki Underground serves some of the city's best ramen, but the prohibitive wait times to get into the teeny H Street NE restaurant often exceed two hours, keeping many would-be noodle-slurpers away. No longer! Thanks to delivery service Caviar, you can enjoy your red miso ramen from the comfort of your own home, without interrupting your Netflix binge.

Dumplings and ramen from Toki Underground, delivered (Maura Judkis/for The Post).

It does require a bit of planning ahead. First, you have to create an account with Caviar, which supports delivery from a handful of other D.C. restaurants like Luke's Lobster, DGS, Fast Gourmet (chivito delivery!) and Woodlands Vegan Bistro. Then, place your order, but be aware of a few kinks in the system: First of all, not all of the menu items are available as listed on the site. We ordered our dumplings fried, but found out via a friendly phone call right before delivery that they could only be prepared steamed.

Toki only accepts orders through Caviar during specific times. You can order 24 hours in advance, and your food will come within a one-hour window of the delivery time you choose.

That said, our ramen arrived promptly, and still piping hot -- exactly the thing we needed on a soggy day like today. We could even track our order via GPS on a map e-mailed to us with our receipt. Gratuity and delivery fees are charged automatically: Our $32 order came with a not-unreasonable $9.50 in add-ons, including tax. Best of all, it was the first time we've ever had Toki without an interminable wait.