So, you're about to go on a cleanse. I do not envy you, friend, and wish you the best of luck as you drink your lemon, cayenne, and agave for three days. In the meantime you'll find me hoovering up a khachapuri, a.k.a "butter pizza," at Compass Rose. But even cheese-loving types want to feel healthy every once in a while, and a new juice bar near Dupont Circle has sprung up with a supply of good-for-you beverages.

Juices from Jrink (Maura Judkis/for The Post) Juices from Jrink (Maura Judkis/for The Post)

It's called Jrink, and it's the product of two former Wall Streeters who wanted to do something a little more virtuous. Jrink offers 11 types of cold-pressed juices that promise to wake you up (orange, carrot, grapefruit, ginger), fuel you up (spinach, ginger, cucumber, apple, parsley, broccoli), or even cheer you up (a chocolate milk with hazelnut, cacao, vanilla and agave). If you are a daily juicer, you can get a juice subscription (jubscription?), and you can also find their juices at local shops like Pleasant Pops.

Each juice costs $8.75. It's better to get there in the morning, as they tend to run out of popular flavors by the afternoon. Naturally, it is next to a yoga studio, on the upper level of a Connecticut Avenue building next to Madhatter. We tried the "Clean Me Up," the aforementioned spicy cleanse lemonade, but probably defeated the purpose of it by immediately following it up with a whoopie pie. Maybe that's breaking even? Both juice and whoopie pie were tasty, though, and the former sure allowed me to feel better about the latter. Thanks, Jrink, for slaking my jhirst.

Jrink, 1323 Connecticut Ave NW, upper level. 202-280-0302.