News continues to trickle out about the Union BBQ, U Street Music Hall's electronic music festival coming to Union Market on June 14. Last week, organizers added more than a dozen DJs to the bill, including Animal Collective, Nadastrom, Tittsworth and Martyn. Now we're getting details about the BBQ part of Union BBQ: DCity Smokehouse and 13th Street Meats are among the vendors who will provide food.

Chef Rob Sonderman of DCity Smokehouse will serve sandwiches at the Union BBQ (Maura Judkis/The Washington Post)

The news we're most excited about, though? Toki Underground is bringing back the pho dog, a 13th Street Meats sausage cooked in Erik Bruner-Yang's pho broth. Bruner-Yang and U Hall co-owner Tittsworth developed the pho dog back when the club was brand new; it became a cult hit thanks to a perfect symphony of flavors, including hoisin on the toasted bun and a topping of spicy slaw, basil and cilantro. Unfortunately, it disappeared from the menu in 2012 after only a two-year run, but both beef and tofu options will be available at the festival.

Another favorite club snack is also making an appearance: Mama Nada's Empanadas, made by Dave Nada's mother for Moombahton Massive events. Beyond the usual flavors, she bakes mac and cheese and bacon into the crispy pastries.

Draft and canned beer will come from DC Brau.

The full list of vendors follows. As a reminder, all food will be sold a la carte.

• Toki Underground
• Mama Nada's Empanadas
• DCity Smokehouse
• 13th Street Meats
• The Greek Spot
• DGS Delicatessen
• Rito Loco
The Brixton
• El Rey
• Dolcezza