Welcome to Monday's edition of our daily 2014 World Cup viewing guide for D.C. Every morning, we'll examine the schedule and suggest where in the Washington area you can watch the best or most interesting match of the day. For more ideas about where to watch particular teams, see our World Cup viewing guide.

Grill From Ipanema Brazil fans gather at the Grill From Ipanema in Adams Morgan, which sports a huge Brazilian flag on its exterior. (Fritz Hahn/The Washington Post)

Matches of the day: Cameroon vs. Brazil and Croatia vs. Mexico (4 p.m.). The final matches of the first round are played simultaneously, which means you have two matches at noon (Group B) and two more at 4 p.m. (Group A). While the Netherlands and Chile should be an intriguing match between two undefeated teams, there's nothing at stake in Group B. That's not the case in the latter matches, where everyone except Cameroon has a chance to qualify for the next round.

Where to watch: If you're hoping the hosts top the group, head to Ceiba, Cafe Citron or the Grill From Ipanema, which has been a riot of green and yellow throughout the tournament. Mexico's fans have turned up at El Centro (14th Street or Georgetown) and Fuego, all of which have game-time food and drink specials. But if you're just watching for the fun of it, consider a soccer-friendly bar with multiple screens, which makes it easy to watch both matches at once. Public Bar, Lucky Bar or Summers are all great options.

World Cup leftovers: Boundary Stone had a loud standing-room-only crowd for Sunday's U.S. match, which felt like a loss rather than a draw. Thursday's match against Germany is going to be interesting.

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