Ted's Bulletin has always excelled at fancying-up your favorite childhood treats: milkshakes, doughnuts and especially their upscale Pop-Tarts. In June, Ted's on 14th Street added another convenience store snack to its kidult nostalgia roster: Sno-Balls.

a Ted's Bulletin Sno-Ball (Maura Judkis/for The Post) a Ted's Bulletin Sno-Ball (Maura Judkis/The Post)

Remember those? They're the Hostess chocolate cakes covered in marshmallow fluff and sprinkled with pink-dyed coconut. According to Business Insider, they were invented in 1947 after World War II rationing ended. At Ted's, the $4 treats by new executive pastry chef Todd Miller are bigger than the pre-packaged kind; with just a touch of coloring, their appearance is closer to the snowball found in nature than the brightly colored Hostess version. But they're still smaller than a cupcake, with a layer of marshmallow replacing the mountainous globs of icing that have become so prevalent. I haven't had a Hostess Sno-Ball in decades, but one bite brought me right back to elementary school holiday parties.

They're more stylish than cupcakes, too. And most importantly, the fluffy pink confections are totally Pinterest-worthy when stacked on a ladylike tiered tray. Summer bridal and baby shower hosts may want to take note.

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