Welcome to Monday's edition of our daily 2014 World Cup viewing guide for D.C. Every morning, we'll examine the schedule and suggest where in the Washington area you can watch the best or most interesting match of the day. For more ideas about where to watch particular teams, see our World Cup viewing guide.

Germany's Thomas Mueller (center) and Germany will hope to celebrate again today. (Reuters/Brian Snyder)

The match of the day: Germany vs. Algeria (4 p.m.) After besting the U.S. on Thursday, the German team faces Algeria, which finished second in Group H. While Germany is heavily favored, Les Fennecs caused problems for Belgium and Russia. And then there's a little matter of the 1982 World Cup, when Algeria accused Germany and Austria of conspiring to keep Algeria out of the second round. (You can read more about that game, "The Shame of Gijon," on the Guardian's site.)

Where to watch: German bars include Biergarten Haus, which has tented its rooftop bar to prevent sunburn; and Cafe Mozart, which is centrally located for downtown officer workers. Don't want to go to a bar? The Goethe-Institut, a German cultural organization headquartered in Chinatown, hosts free screenings. (Bring your own refreshments.) Algerian fans usually head for Babylon Futbol Cafe in Baileys Crossroads, which shows games on a huge screen. If you're a neutral heading out for happy hour, check our list of World Cup specials: DC Reynolds' patio sounds like a great option for two-for-one drinks if the rain holds off, while Penn Social is a cool, dark place with $3 domestic beers.

Also on TV today: France-Nigeria (noon).

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