Germany could win the World Cup on Sunday, while the U.S. could (should?) win the World Cup of Sandwiches. We've reached the final pairing of both tournaments. While you can't do anything to influence the outcome of Sunday's match, you can vote for your favorite of the two sandwich finalists right here.

World Cup of Sandwiches: Semifinals | Quarterfinals | Round of 16

USA vs. Germany

The Bobbie: Defeated G Sandwich's spring lamb sandwich (Greece) 77:23. What's more American than Thanksgiving? A Thanksgiving sandwich approved by Vice President Biden. The signature item at Capriotti's, the Veep's favorite lunch spot, combines turkey, cranberry sauce, stuffing and mayo on a roll.

Döner: Defeated Fast Gourmet's chivito (Uruguay) 68:32. The lingering taste of your study abroad semester is the döner kebab, a Turkish innovation that is, according to Doner Bistro, "the No. 1 hand food in Germany." The spiced slices of beef or chicken are served in a flatbread pocket with lettuce, tomato, cucumber and tzatziki. 

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