Football and soccer fans are strongly territorial. Green Bay Packers take over the back room at Duffy's, where green and gold are the only acceptable colors. Woe to you if you're not wearing a Buffalo Bills jersey at Jimmy's Old Town Tavern on a Sunday. Fans of European teams fill certain bars – Liverpool at RiRa and the Queen Vic, Barcelona at Elephant and Castle, Arsenal at Lucky Bar – and mock anyone wearing the wrong shirt.

The new entrance to O'Sullivan's Irish Pub, which is located on Wilson Boulevard, leads directly into the Whiskey Bar. (Fritz Hahn/The Post)

O'Sullivan's Irish Pub in Clarendon has always been officially neutral on game days, but that's about to change. The pub is looking for "official" NFL and English Premier League teams to support this fall, and is seeking nominations from customers. Through Wednesday, you can cast a vote for your favorite team with a bartender at the pub or on the O'Sullivan's Facebook page. Winning teams will be announced later this week. O'Sullivan's staff say the vote will be binding, and depending on the winners, they'll try to set up an official supporter's group or fan club.

It's not clear what would happen if a team like Liverpool or Chelsea were to win the vote, as both of those clubs already have "official" groups that gather elsewhere on Wilson Boulevard. But if you're a lonely Sunderland fan hoping to watch Jozy Altidore this fall, or a Tampa Bay Buccaneers fan who'd like a place to cheer for Vincent Jackson on Sundays, this could be your chance to find a new home. Vote early, and vote often.