The ever-changing cocktail menu at Hank's on the Hill soared to new heights last week, thanks to a "Top Gun" theme.

Hank's on the Hill
Hank's on the Hill bartender Jason Stritch got dressed up for Friday's "Top Gun" viewing party.

Now, if you're not a big "Top Gun" fan, you might not understand why people at the bar were cracking up over drink names like "No Boys, There's Two 'O's in 'Goose'" and "Negative Ghost Rider, the Pattern is Full." But even a casual viewer of '80s movies – the kind who might recognize Anthony Edwards and Meg Ryan in relatively minor roles – could have fun at the Capitol Hill bar last Friday, thanks to a combination of amazing drinks, a team of bartenders wearing "Top Gun" flight suits (complete with "Maverick" and "Goose" name patches) and the movie showing on a loop on every single TV.

The night was such a success that bartenders Michael Saccone and Jason Strich are bringing back the "Top Gun" theme for another week, albeit with a new menu called "Top Gun: The Director's Cut." Featured drinks include "Your Family Name Ain't Exactly the Best in the Navy," with Pusser's Navy Rum, Royal Dock Navy Gin, grapefruit and house-made tonic; and "I'm Gonna Hit the Breaks, He'll Fly Right By," a summery vodka drink with yellow watermelon, coconut and lime. (Be wary of the "Mayday, Mayday, Mav's in Trouble," which uses both rum and grain alcohol as a base.)

The staff will break out the flight suits again this Friday, and "Top Gun" will be shown throughout the bar with full sound at 10 p.m. Costumes are encouraged, and there's no cover charge. This week's menu is below: