Whether you and your significant other would like to hug OkCupid co-founder Christian Rudder, or heckle him after you learned the online dating site has been messing with you in the name of research, there is no denying that Rudder is one of the most interesting men in the love game.

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A number-cruncher who analyzes the site's reams of dating data (much of it chronicled, until 2011, on the site's addictive, often impolitic OkTrends blog), Rudder is the guy who has given us such polarizing/obsession-worthy dating wisdoms as "guys ignore girls who are merely cute," and that white people like Soundgarden. Attacking statistics with a cheeky perspective and no fear, he's essential, and sometimes depressing, reading for the modern dater.  (Required reading: 4 Big Myths of Profile Pictures.)

After quietly abandoning the blog in 2011, Rudder made waves this summer when he returned with a new round of data, and a book, "Dataclysm: Who We Are (When We Think No One's Looking)," which doesn't track our dating tics so much as how our online lives can tell us who we are as a society.

You can hear Rudder talk about his weird, wonderful life's work when he visits Sixth & I Historic Synagogue next month to discuss "Dataclysm." Tickets to the Sept. 22 event are on sale now for $14.