Want an early taste of the upcoming season of 'Top Chef'? Kapnos executive chef George Pagonis will be among the 16 contestants when the 12th season debuts Oct. 15 on Bravo, and you can sample one of his signature items for only $5.

Pagonis's specialty is lamb. At Kapnos, the Greek restaurant opened by fellow 'Top Chef' veteran Mike Isabella, Pagonis spit-roasts lambs in a hickory-fired rotisserie, alongside pigs and goats. The resulting meat is smoky, tender and nothing at all like the sweating, spongy pillar of mystery meat that can idle for days at your typical Greek deli.

Kapnos, where beasts meet smoke for a Greek take on barbecue

The lamb is served as an entree, and in the spring lamb sandwich at the neighboring G Sandwich. Even better, you can order a mini lamb gyro at the Kapnos bar for only $5 from 5 to 7 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Mini lamb gyro at Kapnos, only $5 during happy hour. (Alex Baldinger/The Washington Post)
(Alex Baldinger/The Washington Post)

The mini lamb gyro features Pagonis's lamb topped with tzatziki and pickled onions. You can eat it with a knife and fork, or roll it up to simulate the experience of a larger gyro, if you like. Two would make a cheap meal.

The mini gyro is one of about a dozen dishes available for $5 during happy hour at Kapnos. If lamb isn't your thing, look to the honey-topped grilled halloumi cheese, or the savory-sweet roasted duck phyllo pie with cherries and yogurt.

Kapnos, 2201 14th St. NW. 202-234-5000.