Don’t mistake the somewhat-gritty strip of Georgia Avenue below New Hampshire Avenue NW as Petworth. The neighborhood, better known as Park View, has a history and identity all its own, thanks to its proximity to Howard University — at its southern boundary — and its strong Caribbean, Ethiopian and African American roots.


Harrar Coffee & Roastery. Photo by Holley Simmons


Harrar Coffee & Roastery
2904 Georgia Ave. NW

Though Harrar Coffee & Roastery is named after the coffee-producing region of Ethiopia, the quaint cafe serves beans from Ethiopia and beyond, including Kenya, Peru and Colombia, all roasted on-site in small batches. Grab a bag to go or order a cup brewed in a French press or Turkish-style. Better yet, stop by at 11:30 a.m. on a Saturday morning to take part in Harrar's weekly Ethiopian
coffee ceremony.

EatPlace. Photo by Holley Simmons

3607 Georgia Ave. NW

In the basement of this new "pop-uppery" is a commercial kitchen where vetted chefs-in-residence have access to professional cooking equipment. On the ground level is a 40-seat dining room where they can test out their restaurant concept on paying customers. "We have a profit-sharing model," says owner Katy Chang. "They don't pay us rent, so they're just out the cost of their ingredients." Residencies are quarterly, so on one visit you might chow down on biscuits and gravy, and on another dine on there may be classic French cuisine.


Mom N Pop Antiques. Photo by Holley Simmons

Mom N Pop Antiques
3534 Georgia Ave. NW

Founded in 1986 by Bill Sims and his wife, Gail, the jam-packed antiques shop holds stacks of cheap art, old records and secondhand books, vintage barware, previously loved musical instruments and mid-century furniture. Prices are reasonable, and Bill invites haggling.


Fish in the Hood. Photo by Holley Simmons

Fish in the 'Hood
3601 Georgia Ave. NW

A Park View cult-favorite for over 15 years, Fish in the 'Hood is a come-as-you-are seafood and soul food joint where owner Bill White greets you with a smile.  A few years ago, White changed the sign outside to read "Fish in the Neighborhood," reflecting a shift in demographics. But within, you'll still find the same fantastic fillets, bone-in fish and other seafood cooked to order.  Don't overlook the sides, including collard greens, macaroni and cheese, and candied yams.


Mothership. Photo by Holley Simmons

3301 Georgia Ave. NW

Elizabeth Muniot and Stephan Boillon opened this gastro pub in 2013 after the success of their food truck, El Floridano. Drinks are served in Mason jars, and meals are veggie-heavy with a subtle French accent. "We pay strong attention to our infusions," Muniot adds of Mothership's in-house liquor blends, which include cinnamon whiskey and garlic-basil vodka. The latter lends the Bloody Mary a subtle kick.


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