D.C.-raised singer-rapper Visto. (Randolph Garrett.)

As an artist, Visto has a few admirable New Year’s resolutions and he’s willing to rattle them off over the phone: “To abolish the whole idea of celebrity, and embrace vulnerability, and embrace who you are.” Right on.

But who is Visto, really? The District-raised singer-rapper made a terrifically lewd splash in 2013 with a pair of X-rated R&B singles whose titles remain unprintable. Since then, he has flirted with glossier pop textures (“On Fleek Tonight”) and the torqued electronics of EDM (various remixes of “Shinobi”).

Now, as he gears up for an ambitious 2015, he’s reintroducing himself as a daydreaming libertine who wants to sing about yoga, healthy eating and his adventures between the sheets. Please don’t pretend his interests are mutually exclusive: He’s into feeling good.

And while Visto might be an individualist, he’s not a loner. Kicking off his year with a headlining gig at the Fillmore on Friday, he’ll be joined by his comrade and collaborator Pinky KillaCorn, a local rapper who’s recently used her sandpapery rasp of a voice to memorialize the late Michael Brown and recount the glory days of Washington’s go-go scene. Like Visto, she has a lot to say — and a charismatic voice to say it with.

Friday at 7:30 p.m. at the Fillmore, 8656 Colesville Rd., Silver Spring. 301-960-9999. www.fillmoresilverspring.com. $10.

WARNING: These songs contain explicit language.