After the combination FroZenYo/Zombie Coffee closed on F Street NW, the latter of the two related brands has risen from the dead with a thirst for BRAAAIIINNSS roasted coffee and frosted-by-the-order doughnuts.

An assortment of Zombie Coffee & Donuts' wares (Maura Judkis/for The Post)

Okay, so Zombie Coffee has been available at other FroZenYo locations, but the new Columbia Heights shop on the Irving Street side of the DCUSA complex has split from the fro-yo arm of the company. But just as you customize your yogurt at FroZenYo, Zombie Coffee & Donuts offers cake doughnuts with 84 possible combinations of glazes and toppings, and a DIY coffee bar with drip coffees, syrups and toppings. (A serve-yourself espresso machine is coming soon.)

Zombie Coffee's order form. Zombie Coffee & Donuts' order form.

Here's how it works: When you enter the shop, you're handed an order form that asks you to tick off which kind of glaze you'd like with which topping. So you can check off strawberry glaze with rainbow sprinkles for a Homer Simpson doughnut, maple bacon with peanuts if you want to be fancy, or plain doughnuts with no toppings if you're completely boring. It's a cool system if you want to order a dozen doughnuts that are all unique, but it seems kind of silly if you're just getting one.

Alas, when we tasted our assortment of doughnuts, it didn't matter which glazes or frostings we had checked off, whether lemon or vanilla or plain: Most of them just tasted like indistinguishable sugar. They were rather sticky, too.

While the Zombie Coffee apocalypse is no match for finer practitioners of doughnutcraft, such as Astro Doughnuts or District Doughnut, the prices are good: As the cupcakification of doughnuts brings prices toward the $5 mark, Zombie's doughnuts are $1.20 each.

Zombie Coffee & Donuts, 3100 14th St. NW (Metro: Columbia Heights).