I've eaten a lot of matzoh in my lifetime, but perhaps in nothing as playful as Navy Yard scoop shop Ice Cream Jubilee's new Chocolate Matzoh Crack ice cream.

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Owner Victoria Lai said she has enjoyed being invited to friends' seders over the years, and those memories inspired this latest flavor, debuting just in time for the start of Passover on Friday.

Chocolate Matzoh Crack ice cream from Ice Cream Jubilee. (Becky Krystal/The Washington Post)

You may be familiar with the idea of matzoh toffee brittle, a sweet treat in which the unleavened bread is coated in caramel and chocolate.

"It's one of the tastiest things I've ever had," Lai said. Her friends and their parents call it "matzoh crack," so she borrowed the moniker.

In Lai's rendition, the matzoh is covered with a bittersweet chocolate ganache and broken into smaller pieces. The chunks are folded into Lai's unassailable vanilla ice cream along with shards of caramel brittle. My scoop could have used a bit more of both add-ins, but overall this a fun treat.

Lai said the shop only made 10 gallons of the flavor, so, as they say, act now while supplies last. Chocolate Matzoh Crack is available at the shop and by delivery through Postmates.

Two more seasonal ice creams debuted at the shop this week: cherries jubilee and fig, port and goat cheese. Lai has also introduced milkshakes and malts to the menu.

Ice Cream Jubilee, 301 Water St. SE. 202-863-0727. www.icecreamjubilee.com.

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